Founded on 8/3/2018 by Ovix1#3583 and Bohemond#6260

Pro gloria Dei

God in modern society is underminded and the people forgotten who their lord and savior is, Integralism is the solution to that problem.Integralism seeks to integrate the Church into working with the State in order to achieve a government that doesn't serve its own interest but serves God. The State is an entity to enforce morality and do as the Bible says for the State is God's servant for your good (Romans 13:3-5) and must be used in such a way.

Quod ecclesia sit in sempiternum

Democracy and Republicanism was doomed from the start and must be replaced with the system that has been tried and proven to work, that being Monarchy. Monarchy has been in use for ages and only when men have abandoned it in recent times was when the moral and traditional decay of nations began and we need to seek to reverse it.