Founded on 8/3/2018 by Cree#1720

Manifesto Edit

A Few Good Men

National Socialism is above all the preservation of race, nature, and life itself. Today society is too weak, we are towards a breaking point of society and it is only when a few good men will come together and rise against the injustice of today that things will actually start to change. Only when people get up off there couches and stop watching their TVs and start to go outside and fight communist insects is when true change will come. Until then we are left without identity, love, compassion.

Understanding America

America was founded on liberal values which was a ticking time bomb to begin with, but the worst part about America is its lack of understanding and accounting for urbanization and how urbanization takes route and brings out the worst in humanity, put that with in a leftist and Race mixed society and all you’ll get is dystopia. If you care about anything holy you will join The national Socialist American workers party to fight against these strong injustices, and maybe one day our children’s future will be secured.

The National Socialist Spirt

The National Socialist spirit and any member of the national Socialist American workers party must always be vigilant, strong, and unwilling to compromise. Once we become a unified body of sacrifice pushing aside evil  and leaving “hoorah” patriotism for fanatical determination is when we will be able to succeed and flourish in the final victory, the national Socialist spirit must also have zero tolerance is for Degenerate actions As we are the world view of truth, so any false hoods would immediately corrupt the worldview. Stay strong, stay vigilant, stay dedicated and hail the national Socialist American workers party!